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Notary Supply Kits for Sale

When a notary public needs new supplies to keep up with their responsibilities as a public servant, they turn to Notaries Equipment Company. Our company has provided high-quality stamps, seals, and other supplies to notaries public and legal representatives for nearly a century. Based in Philadelphia, PA, and serving notaries public national, Notaries Equipment Company has established itself as a leading source for notary supply kits for sale.

 The notary public has a storied history dating back to ancient times. First called "scribes," it was the responsibility of notaries public to record occurrences of all kinds and provided detailed accounts for a largely illiterate populace. Now, notaries public remain an integral part of the legal system in all 50 states. From the coasts of New Jersey to the Western states' grand expanse, notaries public provide an essential service for those needing official certification, affirmation, and other legal work performed.

 As a public servant, notaries public should rely on a dependable source for notary supply kits for sale online. Being able to trust a supplier is crucial since you will depend on your notary supply kit to perform daily tasks.

Complete Notary Kits Online

While you may develop a preference for certain types of notary tools throughout your career, it's important to have a supply of high-quality notary tools at the ready. Our complete kits and starter kits are a great way to pack your notary arsenal with the much-needed tools to provide notary services individuals and professionals can rely on.

Notary Supplies Starter Kit

Our notary supplies starter kit will enable you to access everything you will need to complete tasks immediately. Notaries Equipment Company has long-provided the essential tools for public servants all across the country. In recent years, our extensive catalog of equipment has been made available over the internet, and we are now one of the go-to shops for ordering notary public equipment online.

New Jersey Notary Kits

While it is highly recommended that all notaries public maintain thorough notary journals, record books, and registers regarding their notarial actions, New Jersey does not require it by law. At Notaries Equipment Company, we have everything notaries public need to keep their own records and comply with their state of commission's regulations.

 We are proud to have several complete notary supply kits for sale to aid public servants in their notarial duties. Browse and order notary seals online and official notary public journals with Notaries Equipment Company.

Pennsylvania Notary Kits Available Online

Pennsylvania is one of sixteen states that require notaries public to maintain thorough record books of their notarial actions. For this reason, it's important for all Pennsylvania notary public kits to include a state-compliant record book.

 Whether you need to update your kit, purchase a new one, or renew your commission, Notaries Equipment Company is an excellent resource for PA notary courses online.

PA Notary Office Kit

When building your notary office kit, you'll want to look at Trodat stamp seals online as well as state embosser stamps online and MaxLight stamps for sale online. Pennsylvania requires rubber ink stamps, but state embossers add a layer of protection when used in tandem. Build your office kit today with our array of notary supply kits for sale!

Order Maryland Notary Public Kits Online

In the state of Maryland, notary public kits must be updated every four years when notary public commissions expire. Maryland notaries are also required to keep a notary registry of their notarial actions, but complete notary public kits include notary seal embossers, pre-inked, or self-inked stamps.

 Maryland notary seals and stamps are required to include the below information:


  • Name
  • The words "notary public"
  • County or city in Maryland
  • Commission expiration date


Browse our site to view our selection of notary supply kits for sale.

Order Delaware Notary Public Kits Online

Like New Jersey, Delaware does not legally require notaries public to maintain their own record book. Still, it is advised to keep one for protection if your notarial actions are called into question. Once you receive or renew your notary public commission, you'll need to browse our notary supply kits for sale.

 In building your notary supply kit, you will need to order a custom stamp, seal, or embosser. Turn to Notaries Equipment Company for all your notary supply kit needs.

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While we have proudly served the Tri-State area for over a hundred years, including PA, NJ, and MD, our customers are far-reaching. Our company produces notary equipment that complies with each state's regulations. For more information about our notary supply kits for sale, contact us today!