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Each state has its requirements for notary journals, and they can vary tremendously. Regardless of your state’s exact requirements, your state notary public journal and seal are a critical component of your PA, NJ, or MD notary office kit. Order your state notary public journal online today!

Official Notary Public Journal

Every official notary public benefits from a notary public journal. Not only is it required by law in many states, but it is recommended for use in all states. Notaries public authenticate many documents, and it’s easy to forget or lose track of documents that have come across your desk.

Notary journals help all notaries public keep a standardized record of all notarial acts so that you can cross-reference when, where, and what documents you’ve notarized. Well-kept notary journals maintain a written record of when and where you performed the notarization and other details about the document signing.

Maintaining accurate records of notarization is the best way to protect yourself from potential lawsuits, but not all notary journals are created equally. To get started, order your state notary public journal online from us today.

Determining the Ideal Notary Public Journal For You

When looking for a notary journal and seal, it’s important to take state requirements into account. Even if your employer purchases a notary journal for your kit, it is required by law that the notary journal not leave your possession. Notary journals cannot be shared either. For this reason, the best state notary journals are well-constructed and durable. You should also look for sewn, glued, or securely stapled notary journals. All of the pages should be numbered. To order a state notary public journal online that can accommodate your needs, turn to our inventory!

Notary Journals and Seals

One of the most important rules for notaries public is that you must never leave your official notary journal and seal unattended. Each state has its parameters for how notary materials must be stored, but it’s always a good idea to take steps to safeguard your tools and your clients’ sensitive information.

The best state notary public journals — also referred to as notary legers or official notary books — include easy-to-understand templates and are tamper-resistant and properly stored. Consider our supplier your one-stop-shop when looking to order your state notary public journals and templates online along with other equipment. With Notaries Equipment Company, you can get your Trodat stamps online, find MaxLight seals for sale, and order other notary products online.

Order New Jersey Notary Journals

As mentioned above, every state has different requirements for its state notary public journals. Some states refer to notary journals as record books, but either way, recordkeeping is an integral part of the notarial process.

New Jersey doesn’t have any legal requirements for notaries public to maintain a notary journal, but it is recommended that you do. Whether you are renewing your commission or just starting in your career, turn to Notaries Equipment Company to build your NJ notary office kit.

Order MD Notary Registry Online

Maryland requires a registry. For this reason, notaries public in all states need to keep tamper-proof records of notarial acts.

Any successful notary public will have all the necessary tools of the trade. Notaries Equipment Company is a top-tier provider of notary supplies to notaries public in all 50 states. If you are a notary public renewing your commission or jump-starting your career in MD, turn to Notaries Equipment Company to find knob affidavit stamps for sale, notary public embossers for sale, and other essential tools of the trade.

Order PA Notary Journals Online

In Pennsylvania, notaries public are required to keep a notary journal. Notary journals are sometimes referred to as notary registers, as well. Notaries public commissioned in PA can keep a tangible or electronic notary journal. All PA notary journals must adhere to a template of standard information, including:


  • Date and time of the notarial act
  • A description of the document or record
  • The legal name and address of each individual involved in the notarial act
  • If the notary public and the customer have a prior relationship, a statement must be made to that effect.
  • If the notary public knows the identity of their customer through personal identification or other satisfactory evidence, a brief description to that effect must be noted in the journal.
  • The notary public must maintain a record of any fees collected for their services.

Sixteen states, including Pennsylvania, require notaries to keep and maintain notary journals. However, it is advised that all notaries keep a journal to protect themselves from legal proceedings. At Notaries Equipments Company, we provide notary supplies for all 50 states.

For more information on building Pennsylvania-compliant notary supply kits or how to take our PA notary classes online, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Purchase PA, NJ, & MD Notary Journals and Templates Online

If you need to order your state notary public journal online, look no further than Notaries Equipment Company. Though we are based in Philadelphia and have frequent customers in the Tri-State area, we are proud to provide notary journals, notary legers, official notary books, and stamp seals to notaries public in all 50 states. For more information, contact us today.