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Notaries Equipment Company has provided high-quality notary products and services to notaries public and legal representatives for nearly a century. Founded in 1939, Notaries Equipment Company, a subsidiary of the M. Burr Keim Company, began supplying the legal community with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively perform their responsibilities.

The notary public is the oldest type of legal representative known. Tracing its origins back to ancient Rome, the notary public has always been an essential part of information recording for judicial and private matters. Originally called scribes during the Roman Empire, the first notary public is widely considered to be Tiro, a man who used shorthand to record the proclamations of Cicero.

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Since that time, the notary public has been an integral part of the legal system providing a public service to those that required official recognition of essential documents. We realize the enduring importance of notaries public and other legal representatives, and that is why we offer official notary public supplies.

As a leading company for those who need to order notary public equipment online, Notaries Equipment Company provides a wide range of notary products to assist notaries public in performing their duties. Whether you require official Trodat notary stamps, New Jersey notary kits, or MD notary journals online, we have the resources needed to fulfill your obligations as a notary public successfully.

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Don't order notary public equipment online from a source you are unfamiliar with. Many sources of so-called official notary public supplies don't provide quality-made products that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Our supplier assures all customers the highest quality goods to perform their duties as public servants and legal representatives.

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When going through our selection, take note of the varied kits and seal configurations available for purchase. All of our stamps are made to specific state standards. Whether you are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or any other US state, Notaries Equipment Company has the resources necessary to fulfill your obligations as a notary public.

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When ordering notary public equipment online from Notaries Equipment Company, you can access a multitude of different products. As an established notaries' equipment supplier in PA and the Tri-State area, you can order custom seal embossers online and official notary seals online directly from us with fast shipping to most locations. You can order official notary public supplies online with confidence, knowing you are purchasing from a reputable source of name-brand products.

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As a leading provider of official notary public supplies, Notaries Equipment Company has established itself as one of the best online collections of notary equipment. With stamps and tools that are state-specific and fast shipping to most areas of the country, it's no wonder why notaries public and legal professionals turn to us for ordering notary public equipment online.

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Order notary public equipment online today from the leading source of official notary public supplies and equipment for sale in PA, NJ, MD, and beyond. No matter if you want to order official Maxlight notary seals or protect yourself with errors and omissions insurance, Notaries Equipment Company has high-quality offerings that will assist you in your daily functions as a notary public or legal representative. For more information or to place an order, contact us today!