Delaware Notary Public Supplies

Whether you’re looking for a replacement notary stamp or a complete Delaware notary supplies kit, we have you covered. At Notaries Equipment Company, we make a variety of state-specific supplies in-house. Our stamps, embossers, and notarial journals are designed to withstand the rigors of your notary public duties, so you can rest assured an untimely equipment failure will not get in your way.

Since 1939, we’ve been the official notary supply store offering high-quality products at affordable prices and with a quick turnaround. For all your Delaware notary public supplies needs, turn to the best company in the industry.

Stay on Top of Your Duties: Buy Pocket and Desk Embosser Seals

According to the Del. Code Ann. § 4310, notary publics must use an official seal on the documents they are notarizing. If you choose to add an embosser to your Delaware notary public supplies, you’ll need one that is ideal for your work situation and is dependable.


We make a variety of official embosser seals for Delaware notaries, including pocket and desk embossers. Our pocket embosser seal is well-suited for the mobile notary because it easily fits inside a briefcase or purse. Our desk embosser seal may be a better option if you mainly work from an office because it’s sturdy and ideal for repetitive use. Whichever embosser seal you choose, you can expect it to deliver beautifully crisp impressions every time.

Say Goodbye to Missing Ink Pads: Buy Delaware Self-Inking Stamps

How many times have you realized you forgot to place an ink pad in your bag before driving off location to notarize documents or misplaced the ink pad? If it’s too many times to count, you may appreciate the ease and convenience of a self-inking notary stamp, like the SlimStamp pre-inked expiration stamp. The ink pad is self-contained in the stamp, so you don’t have to keep track of two separate items. Plus, the rubber die is re-inked before every use, allowing you to speed through a stack of documents in no time. And the best part is that you can expect a clean and clear stamp every time you choose our stamps as part of your DE notary supplies.

Perform Your Duties Professionally: Buy Delaware Affidavit Stamp

If you’ve been selected to notarize an affidavit, you need the best Delaware notary public supplies available. With our DE notary supplies, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to perform your duties with the utmost care and professionalism every time. Our official affidavit stamps will provide thousands of pristine impressions, allowing you to notarize sworn statements under the penalty of perjury.

Stay Organized: Buy Official Delaware Notarial Journal

As a notary public, it’s crucial that you keep detailed records of all your notarial actions. A well-organized and thoroughly filled out DE official notary journal could protect you during legal proceedings or if the notarized document is stolen, changed, or lost. Our notary journal has been designed to allow for the recording of information in legal form and can support up to 1,000 transactions.

Does Delaware Require a Notary Seal?

Yes! The Del. Code Ann. § 4310 says that notary publics practicing in Delaware must use an official seal on a notarized document. They have the freedom to make this seal using a stamp or embosser. The shape and dimensions of the seal are also not specified, so you can use a round or rectangular model. However, the Delaware stamp seal must use black ink, and the seal (whether from a stamp or embosser) must contain the words “Notary Public,” “State of Delaware,” and “My Commission Expires On [Date of Expiration].”


Whether you prefer to use a stamp or embosser, you can buy all the notary supplies you need online from our family-owned company. Within a few days, we will deliver your high-quality tools so that you can perform your duties with excellence.

Does Delaware Require a Notary Journal?

A notary journal is not required by Delaware law. However, it is highly recommended that notary publics keep one as a record of all their notarial acts. The notary journal could protect you if the notarized documents are lost, stolen, altered, or questioned during legal proceedings.

Does Delaware Allow Online Notary?

At this time, Delaware does not allow remote online notarization (RON). While RON is not permitted, notary publics working within Delaware can apply to become a DE electronic notary. Electronic notarizations are in-person transactions that involve digital documents and e-signatures.

Set Yourself Up for Success: Buy Notary Supplies Online

Do you need an official DE embosser seal or notary journal? Notaries Equipment Company has all the high-quality tools and materials you need to succeed as a notary public in Delaware. In addition to Delaware notary public supplies, we also offer guidance and support to notaries throughout the area. No association fees or dues are required to get the help you need! We are proud to provide this assistance at any time.


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