Notice: Pennsylvania Notary Fees

PENNSYLVANIA NOTARY FEES Executing affidavits (no matter how many signatures) $5.00 Executing acknowledgments 5.00 In executing acknowledgments,each additional name 2.00 Executing certificates (per certified copy) 5.00 Administering oaths (per individual taking an oath) 5.00 Taking depositions, per page 3.00 Executing verifications 5.00 Executing protests (per page) 3.00 To purchase a laminated fee schedule please call us at 215-563-8190. Contact Us

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Revised Pennsylvania Notary Public Law

The Notary Public Law (Act No. 373 of 1953, as amended by Act 151 of 2002, effective July 1, 2003) Section1 1. Short Title. – This act shall be known and may be cited as “The Notary Public Law.” Section 2. Appointment of Notaries. – The Secretary of the Commonwealth is hereby authorized to appoint and commission, for a term of four years from the date of appointment, as many notaries public as, in the Secretary’s judgment, the interest of the public may require, whose jurisdiction shall be coextensive with the boundaries of the Commonwealth. Section 3. Eligibility. – (a)...

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Embossing Seal Instructions

How to Assemble an Embossing Seal   1. Seal will arrive in two pieces inside a seal pouch. 2. Remove black seal handle and seal insert from seal pouch. 3. Separate seal insert from seal handle. 4. Hold seal handle in right hand with words “NOTARIES EQUIPMENT COMPANY” facing you. 5. Hold seal insert in left hand. 6. Pinch two round discs between thumb and index finger in right hand (depending on model, two or four rectangular holes should be touching your thumb). 7. Slide long rectangular plates of seal insert into mouth of seal handle. 8. Bottom two grooves...

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