City of Philadelphia Notary Public Information

The following information has been distributed from the City of Philadelphia Recorder of Deeds:


Sign up for deed fraud protection

You can protect yourself from deed and mortgage fraud by signing up for Deed Fraud Guard. This is a simple way to monitor your land records and warn you of potential property fraud.

Notaries can also sign up to be notified when a document is recorded with their signature and notary stamp.

Deed and mortgage fraud

Deed fraud is when a person sells a home pretending to be the owner without permission from the legal owner.

Mortgage fraud is when a person signs a mortgage for a property they don’t own. They then borrow money against the property.

In both cases, the change happens without the legal owner’s knowledge or informed consent.

For Pennsylvania notary publics:

Register on the Deed Fraud Guard website, and when your signature and notary stamp are used to record a document, you will be notified by email.

If you believe that your signature and stamp have been used to fraudulently record a document, you can record a notary affidavit with the Department of Records. There is no fee to record a notary affidavit.

See the department’s regulation for more information about recording a notary affidavit.

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