How to Become a Notary in Pennsylvania

Take the notary education course live or online to receive your education certificate.
Send us your application by email or mail to be forwarded to the Department of State and prepay for the bond execution.
If you do not have an active commission: Receive email from Pearson VUE with instructions for taking the mandatory exam at a testing center near you. This exam must be passed within 6 months of your application's acceptance by the Department of State.
The Department of State will email Notice to Appointee letter and blank bond form to you within 1-2 weeks or within 1 month prior to your current commission's expiration.
Email, fax, or mail a copy of the blank bond form to our office immediately upon receipt. You may place an order for supplies at this time online.
Your bond will be executed by our office and mailed back to you along with instructions to take your oath of office.
Upon receipt of your executed bond, have it recorded* and take your oath of office at your county courthouse.
*You have 45 days from the commission date listed on your Notice to Appointee to record your bond and take your oath of office. If this step is not completed within the allotted time, you will be required to repeat the above steps.


Required Notary Education Course: $79.00
State Application Fee: $42.00
Notary Surety Bond: $50.00
Our Service Fee: $25.00
State Exam: $65.00 (If you do not have a current commission)
Recording Fees to Be Sworn in Vary by County
Any Needed Notary Equipment and E&O Insurance

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