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Notary Public Accessories

Notary Public Blacklight

Notaries Public are playing an ever more vital role in commerce and are on the front lines of deterring document fraud, particulary in light of the increased threat of identity theft.

This compact tool illuminates embedded security markings to assist in detecting counterfeit drivers' licenses, passports, Visas, currencies and more.

Size: 6" x 5" x 2"
Uses four AA batteries (not included).



Notary Public Blacklight

Extremely compact and bright.

Both a blacklight and flashlight.

Includes a hand strap for portability.


Desk Sign

with words "Notary Public" in white on the Black Bakelite, size 1 3/4" x 8", mounted on finely finished walnut base, (Pictured right).


Bakelite Sign

2" x 8" black background with white letters is available unmounted. Allows you to mount the sign where desired. Made of weatherproof plastic. (walnut base not included)


Notary Public Desk Sign







Attractive White Enameled Sign

size 2 1/2" x 10" Words "Notary Public" in black with red seal in center. Used inside or outside (Pictured right).


Notary Sign


Window Decal Sign
10" diameter - $8.00
4" diameter - $3.00.

Bright red seals with the words "Notary Public" in Black & Gold. 



Notary Sticker

Gold or Red Notarial Seals

Package of 96, self-adhesive labels for use with your embossing seal.

Embossing Seal Labels
Embossing Label

Stamp Pad
$3.00 (Black, Blue, Violet, or Red)


Stamp Pad



Ink Bottle MaxLight(1/4 oz.) or Trodat(2 oz.) brands
$7.00 (Black, Blue, Violet, Red or Green)

Trodat Ink
MaxLight Ink


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