This online course has been approved for both Basic and Continuing education.

To begin the online course please follow these instructions:

    1. Click on "Begin Course Study", on the left menu bar, to review the notary public course study material. After reading the Course Study material proceed to step 2.

    2. Click on "Begin Course Review Questions" to begin.

    Course review questions will open up in a new tab so you can refer back to the material during the review.

    3. Obtaining course completion certification:

    When you have thoroughly studied the material and completed the course review questions you must then sign and submit with payment to Notaries Equipment Company the verification statement that you will find at the end of the course review questions.

This course was prepared to meet the interactive instruction procedure and has been approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth to satisfy the notary public mandatory education requirement.

Suggested Course of Study:

Read the course material online and use the index to refer back to the various sections when answering the course review questions. Your answers to the course review questions will reinforce the learning experience and provide you with the necessary training required to qualify you to be commissioned to the office of notary public by the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Attention Renewing Notaries:

If your name or address has changed in the last four years, you must update the records of the PA Department of State, Notary Division before submitting your renewal application to our office. Please visit here to update your information.


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